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Are you looking for an accounting service that fully understands and uses new technologies? Look no further, you’re at the right place.

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Our accounting office provides comprehensive consulting services. We specialize in providing services to companies from the IT, gaming, e-commerce, transport, finance and construction sectors. The range of services we provide includes tax consultancy, tax audit, accounting and payroll services as well as training activities.

We would like to strongly encourage you to start cooperating with us as early as at the planning stage of your business activity. This way, using our knowledge and experience, we can help you with issues such as determining the optimum form of taxation for your business. We can also assist you in planning schemes to optimise your company’s public and legal liabilities in the future.

Tax consultancy is provided by a certified tax advisor. In an environment of a frequently changing, and subject to various interpretations – tax law, the assistance of a tax advisor provides a competitive advantage that will ensure the success of your business.

Accounting and payroll services are rendered by a nearly 60-person team of accountants and payroll specialists. The services provided by our office are covered by third-party liability insurance in accordance with the principles set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance.

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